Brooklyn by way of Sydney two-piece Nolita Knights‘ latest video for “Distance Kills,” from their forthcoming debut EP of the same name, is a softly lit accompanying visual to a track for all the broken hearts out there. Recently shot by Bon Duke for ‘NYC’s 30 under 30,’ the suave duo rely on their echoing, harmonious vocals to carry the clip, while a tumultuous long-distance relationship curated by director Brooks Reynolds splices through shots of the mellow band, consisting of songwriters Dylan Thomas (vocals, guitar) and Kobe Laurence (drums) casually playing their instruments.

Like an unexpected blend between Twin Shadow and Fleet Foxes, Nolita Knights manage to blend folk nuances with slick production to create their euphoric sound. This is then further enhanced by director, Reynolds, who parallels the darkness of the band’s lyricism to a shadowed clip juxtaposing contrasting landscapes, from the hustle and bustle of the grimy city, to the vast and lonely forrest to highlight the difference and struggle between the two lost souls searching for each other while dodging life’s many obstacles.

[Lead image by Nigel Hosang]