What? Que?


It seems the bizarro planets have aligned to bring us, the viewing public, what is definitely one of the weirder ensemble casts in the history of music videos.


Directed by The Malloys, the video for Vampire Weekend’s “Giving Up the Gun” features the “girl from the Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa video” in an epic tennis showdown in a pristine white setting that’s more Backstreet Boys than Vampire Weekend. The showdown in question is against none other than Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, a couple of Stigs, a ninja and her own evil twin. For realsies! The umpire is a teleporting RZA, decked out in a Matrix-style black jacket, and the coach is Lil’ John, who appears to be speaking in French.

The video itself is actually hilarious, as one would hope from the bizarre premise. Gyllenhaal especially, seems to be having an absolute blast, drinking whilst playing, and ripping his pants off. We can assume that Joe Jonas’ inclusion was thanks of The Malloys (Brendan and Emmett) having directed the video for the Jonas Brothers song “Paranoid”, and was probably the result of a conversation along the lines of “who is the most random person to include in this?”. While there are some Youtube comments that say “i watchd dis for Joe Jonas bt its actually a cool song!!!! <3″, the JoBro’s presence isn’t as cringe-inducing as you’d think. In fact, he’s pretty funny.