To many people, the word “budget” can often seem dirty. It is mostly ignored until the very end of the creative process. Which is ironic, because depending on your budget, the creative process can either expand or be limited. And so this is why concepts such as The Creators Project exist. With their new slate of Fall programming, the collaboration between VICE and Intel is continuing their ongoing work in bringing together creatives from all over the work to produce original and collaborative content, which otherwise might not happen because of the nasty six letter word.

The Creators Project is at it yet again, this time supporting Canadian filmmaker Emily Kai Bock (of this awesome Grimes video clip fame) and her project with Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear. The project has resulted in a mesmerising and captivating film clip for Grizzly Bear’s single “Yet Again.” We hunted down the talented Emily and got her to answer a few of our curious questions.