Au Revoir Simone has been on hiatus since 2010, a hiatus which has given vocalist Erika Spring the chance to break out on her own and record a self-titled EP. From the Brooklyn band, Spring has kept the synth-pop sound, but with added aggressiveness on the beat and lyrics. In “Hidden,” the first single off of the EP, the singer creates a dreamy track that allows the listener to become lost in its tenderness. Directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall, the music video for “Hidden,” is just as ethereal as the song itself with soft lighting, smoke, dripping water and literal air-walking.

“I wanted to do something very simple and pared down in my studio,” said Rowlson-Hall to Portable, “so I approached her with the concept of an attic as a memory box of sorts and the couple entering and exiting this ‘attic’ in different ways. I wanted to play with rocks, water, smoke and air as simple, elemental metaphors evoking the need to go back to the beginning when things felt so much more simple.”

The music video, starring model Lyle Lodwick and Spring, involves a little bit of child’s play with both dancing, playing on the ground, floating in the air and entering a children’s playhouse. Rowlson-Hall says that she sees “film making as child’s play, a time for me to imagine and create worlds that I want to see or live in. So I guess it just makes sense that a dollhouse and crawling into attics and white cotton underwear would make it in there.”

Water is one of the props used in the video and the scenes that include it provide the transition between the dream and the reality. Rowlson-Hall says that, ”the water signifies the washing away of past memories and experiences.” In Spring’s case water may signify her debut as a soloist as she opens herself up to new experiences and memories and embarks in a new musical journey bringing listeners along with her.