Survey says that the collective creativity of Boston band The Bynars knows no bounds. Just take a look at the evidence—last summer they released the video for their track How Does It Feel To Be In Love? and it takes everything we thought we knew about music videos and renders it dated (Mashable was also pretty excited about its release). Twelve interactive videos taking place simultaneously, allowing you to click on any of the video squares to start the next one…and the next one. It’s definitely the most fun video we’ve ever seen with enhanced clicking capabilities (Hint: click on the picture to see the video!)

Now, the band has figured out their next video project for the track Every Little Thing You Love. If their last was a creative spectacle of epic interactive proportions, then this next one is sure to push the envelope even further. They’ve enlisted the help of J.P. DiSciscio, the art director from their first video, to direct it and they’ve certainly got the concept down:

The premise of the video is simple: a girl falls in love with an alien.  But it will run the gamut from there.  There will be love, action, animation, roller skating, heartbreak & tears, blood & guts, good guys and bad guys, evil scientists…”

The Bynars joined campaign website IndieGoGo to raise funds for this video, which, based on their impeccable previous history, should over-deliver in oohs, ahhs, gasps, and joy. They’ve even released the script for the video, to ensure not only its greatness, but their sheer enthusiasm with this project. We hope it’s a go because we already can’t wait to see it!