Get lost in a stupendous pop orchestra. Drown in a lush harmony of claps and violins. Develop an infactuation for a voice locked in yearning, enveloped by the keys of a grand piano. Fall in love with Feist all over again.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has fostered a decade-long career built on the classic pop gem. Haunting, emotional but surprisingly inviting, Feist’s tracks balance authenticity with stark commercial-friendliness. Unlike a more recent drama questioning the credibility of aspiring female artists, Feist’s talent and strategic career moves stem from instinct and honesty, mirorring the heartwrenching themes of her albums and musical collaborations.

On the eve of the release of her new record ‘Metals’, we take a look at some memorable moments of Feist’s career.

Image Credit: Alice (Pinkadio) @ Flickr