Remember fun? That phenomenon when you used to have unabashed enjoyment of your time, like frolicking or whatever? Of course you don’t. You’re an adult. You have to worry about energy efficient refrigerators and cover letters and Obamacare. But don’t worry: Fidlar remembers fun for you.

Fidlar call themselves California party rockers. If parties actually played Fidlar tracks, I’d go to parties. That’s how much I’ve fallen in love with these guys this week.

The term party rock has kind of been tainted by LMFAO, even though they’re totally party rock apologists (see: “Sorry for Party Rocking”), but Fidlar appropriates the term for creation of pure fun awesomeness, with videos that radiate the essence of having a bitchin’ time.

I found three Fidlar videos that are at the apex of the fun pyramid. Each video is an awesome fun simulator that will remind you that excitement exists.