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You know how sometimes when you’re on your 500th wasted hour of reading the tumblr (I spent a few minutes figuring out if I was supposed to capitalize that or not. Ugh, web 2.0, right?), of some person you don’t even know you find a video that makes you want to go outside and have real non-Internet fun? A video that reminds you that life exists?

That’s how I felt when I stumbled upon (not using StumbleUpon,) my first Fidlar video. The video for “No Waves” is kind of like a watching-TV-in-the-90′s simulator that isn’t a perfect emulation, but is pretty awesome anyway.

I could imagine seeing this on TV in 1994, when I was 6, and thinking that this is what high school is like, picturing these guys as the “cool kids” of my future. At 6 I’d develop funny feelings for the girl lip-syncing, feelings felt before only for Alex Mack or Clarissa Explainsitall.

The song is great too. The damn thing got stuck in my head, and I began to perpetually lipsynch to it as it played on repeat in my imagination.