Last week we agonized over lists—as this time of year generally inspires— of our favourite video clips of 2011. We were just about to throw our laptops in frustration over the seemingly impossible task, But it turns out miracles do happen because none other than our instantly undisputed Video of the Year/Decade appeared yesterday. Hallelujah, no lists need to be made because Foreign Language is in a league of its own. Thank you, Flight Facilities.

Forget the gratuitously moody and inexplicably weird videos that infect YouTube daily; what we need is some tongue in cheek 70s wardrobes and immaculate production values. Flight Facilities absolutely kill all three in their video for Foreign Language.

As any fan of thoughtful TV show opening credits will know, this is a total game changer, as though it’s for the best show you’ve never seen: intimidating babes called Blades posing on a beach armed with machine guns, glamorous people constantly flitting around either shirtless or in swimsuits, characters named Gold and Cheryl Fox, dramatic head turns literally every ten seconds, rapid zooms that would make any film student cringe and—of course—a cemetery chase scene.

As if that wasn’t enough, Foreign Languages is impeccably crisp, with clever visual segues (check out 0:42-0:44 and 2:14-2:17 – amazing) and the sense that French director Dimitri Basil‘s idea has even more detail than the video supplies: the characters and quickly cut scenes are so convincing and full bodied that I wouldn’t be surprised if Basil had gotten carried away and written scripts, detailed character bios and set drawings for this (unfortunately) imaginary series.

Flawless music video of the year: you deserve awards, accolades, infinite praise and enough funding to make this show a reality.