It’s time to get familiar with the psych-pop sounds of Foxx On Fire before everyone else does. Originally hailing from Melbourne, they’ve recently done the antipodean musician trek and relocated in London. With a great work ethos they’ve managed to score gig and festival slots next to such bands as Bombay Bicycle Club, Baio and Tribes, as well as their own headline shows.

March Into The Sun is the title track off their upcoming EP which is set to be released late November. The music juxtaposes with the brand new video well; with sometime breathy vocals and a great range, this track is one you’ll want to put on repeat. Soothing without being dull and catchy without being repetitive, March Into The Sun, gives the listener an amazing balance.

The video was directed by the talented Edward Housden, whose talents stretch far beyond playing in the band itself and has previously worked on a slew of their other visuals. Beautifully shot in West Cork, Ireland, the clip has a haunting backdrop of foggy fields and a dilapidated castle as nature turns on the band and the local fauna team up to hunt them down. Possessed cows, dogs, birds, donkeys and horses…what more could you ask for?