When your new single is a gorgeously perverse ballad about a local anesthetic, ignited by chunky drumbeats and lines like “Every single record autotunin’, zero emotion, muted emotion”, there is a strong chance that you have answered the prayers of an intensely predictable pop music industry. Plus, it helps that your name is the Mafia movie-friendly Frank Ocean.

Novocane is dark, frank and eerie, with its mood perfectly captured in a dreamy music video that juxtaposes haunting apparitions of beautiful women with animals and dimly-lit boutique hotelrooms. A hallucination best served with generous doses of Ocean’s favourite vices, it took Australian born director/photographer Nabil Elderkin to create an appropriate ambiance of a provocative hazy fantasy. Having directed videos for the likes of Kanye West, John Legend and Diddy, Elderkin is clearly a trusted custodian of visually interpreting this poetic brand of cultural commentary. The end result is often a surreal motion picture celebrating the synthesis between reality and daydreams.