Last seen on Game of Thrones as that pesky smoke-baby birthing sorceress Melisandre, Carice Van Houten has released her debut single, along with Antony Hegarty repaying the favor (She was the one slicing open Willem Dafoe’s neck in Antony and the Johnsons music video last week) and contributing some suitably eerie vocals to the duet ”Particle of Light”.

If you’re expecting Van Houten to be swanning around in her signature witchy red dress from Game Of Thrones, you’ll be sorely disappointed, as she makes no appearance in the clip; nobody does, as Van Houten decides to shun any human appearances and go for an abstract expressionist style of video instead, starring a glowing light. But by stripping the clip of any tedious posing and pouting that actresses turned musicians usually do, Van Houten forces you to listen instead of look, and her wispy, wandering vocals work are lovely against the string-based ballad.

Van Houtens’ debut album will be out on September 28th, hopefully providing something to tide us over until Thrones returns next year; it’s titled See You On The Ice, which sounds fitting for the GOT s’ “Winter Is Coming” catchphrase.