Because everyone loves a good throwback to the 80s through fluorescent overlays, Californian noise-pop babes Dum Dum Girls have just released the video for He Gets Me High, and it’s eerily reminiscent of nights spent indulging in illicit substances. He Gets Me High is essentially an excercise in colour and film form, acting more to compliment the music than overpower it.

No word on who’s behind the clip, but we’re eternally grateful to whoever it is. Dum Dum Girls are currently on a rather intense tour of Europe after hanging out at SXSW earlier this month. Having released their debut album ‘I Will Be’ to glowing reviews in 2010, the girls have been back to the studio to bring us an EP in 2011 – appropriately titled ‘He Gets Me High’ which was unleashed at the beginning of March.