Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk is arguably the most famous of all mash-up artists of all time, and his stellar 2011 album ‘All Day’ is about to have a feature-length visual accompaniment to add even more excitement to it.  At the helm of the Girl Walk // All Day project is Jacob Krupnick, whose keen eye and a great concept make the impending release of the full 71-minute extravaganza one we’ve been eagerly awaiting since March.

The trailer explains the concept in which a girl (Anne Marsen) takes her big city dreams to New York, courts a gentleman (Daisuke Omiya) and gets harrassed by a creep (John Doyle), all the while inspiring the entire city to dance. This first installment features the first track from ‘All Day’, Oh No, and introduces us to the featured characters and the killer dance moves, with the magnificent backdrop of New York City.

When it comes to epic musical and video concepts, we’ve got a feeling this might be comparable to the Fight For Your Right Revisted video that the Beastie Boys released earlier this year. The film premieres on the 8th of December at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in New York, and if I were you I’d go and reserve your free tickets now before they all get snatched up. You can do so here.