This is one of those songs that you could imagine hearing in the depths of a sweaty gay bar in Chelsea, flashing strobe lights (a la Jennifer Lopez) and all, and just as easily catch while dancing amongst the Rick Owens wearing hipsters of the Lower East Side. It’s beat is catchy, its rhythm is hectic. Oh, and nouveau it-girl Grimes co-directs the brand spanking new video. Canadian artist Calvin McElroy takes on a new side project with Kuhrye-oo, and this track “(Give in) For the Fame II” is a reworking of one from the EP released early this month.

In the video, the two “artists” are joined by a “ballet militia” as they writhe around an abandoned amusement park (hence the offensive graffiti: “Six Fags, Six Flags”) as the neon lighting of the ’90s flashes around them. Haters are gonna hate; the video does have the quality of something a visual arts high school student might craft up for their final project. But the concept for the video really ain’t that bad, and as mentioned, the song is dope. So dope in fact, that we just used the word “dope” three times. Word.