Spanish electronic-funk master Guillamino has bred his own signature combination of Beatle Mania and Beiber Fever: Guillaminomania. The Santi Aguado-directed video for Guillamino’s new tune Half a Romeo shows two teenaged girls roaming Barcelona in a Guillamino-induced daze. Having subtitled conversations to an invisible journalist, with footage of them hanging with their friends and generally just frolicking in their adolescence (not to mention the craftily-manipulated clips of Beiber Fever victims), the video feels like a sweet and wholesome documentary of two girls who are aching to meet their idol.

What brings the most joy from this video is the undeniable 90s vibe that glows throughout. The girls with their fresh faces, skinny jeans and baggy t-shirts, playing SEGA games and bowling with their friends—even the little walkman that one of the girls pulls out to listen to Guillamino’s tracks on—it’s all very reminiscent of a time we can all relate to when music and friends were the only important things. The temperature of the video is warm and inviting, perfectly encapsulating the youthful innocence that the girls are exuding.