It’s confession time. We want to do filthy things with Mark Foster. Yes, Foster The People‘s formulaic electro-pop is mildly annoying for it’s infectiousness, and no, that is not our toes enthusiastically tapping to the beat of “Houdini,” damnit. Moreover, that is definitely not our saliva on the keyboard as Mark Foster does his perfectly coiffed, pretty-but-sort-of-alternative-and-tortured-and-probably-likes-talking-dirty-Dan-Humphries thing. There’s something grotesque about Foster The People — they’ve become caricatures of what chart following teeny-boppers associate with ‘indie’, and it’s a little bit disgusting but a little bit hard to resist.

We dare you not to dance to “Houdini.” We also challenge you to resist that boner in your pants when Mark Foster does that weird dancey thing behind his keyboard. The video sees the guys suffer a sudden and painful death only to be revived by some record company execs as marionettes that are eventually robotized. A futuristic ode to our favorite marionettes, N*Sync, the video is, as all Foster The People videos are, frustratingly loveable, and perversely sexy (or is that just our warped minds?).