Ryan Gosling notwithstanding, sensitive guys have not been riding high in pop culture this year. Lena Dunham‘s supposedly moment-defining HBO series Girls has Dunham’s character Hannah unable to resist the charms of her unapologetically noncommittal acquaintance-with-benefits, Adam, while her roommate Marnie cruelly abuses a love-wracked boyfriend. The show has been widely criticized for its lack of diversity — but as if on cue, in rolls the convertible convoy of Houston rapper Kirko Bangz, who gives Adam a virtual high-five. Whatever the extent to which Girls does or does not speak to the contemporary African-American experience, a good ol’ no-strings-attached shag knows no color.

It may be going too far to read “Drank In My Cup” as an anti-drinking song (would Kirko be “hard as a rock” if that drank hadn’t stayed in his cup?), but it’s certainly fair to call the eponymous drank a red herring: the song is basically about saying fuck you (figuratively) to those insecure wimps who want actual relationships while also saying fuck you (literally) to the exasperated objects of their adoration.

Really, “Drank In My Cup” is about empowering women. Specifically, it’s about empowering them to drag the not-unwilling Kirko up their palatial staircases and to relieve him of his pants — which, given how tenaciously the pants cling to the playboy’s legs at mid-thigh for the entire ascent to the boudoir, might require a crowbar. Fortunately, Kirko has a crowbar, if you know what I’m saying!

“I don’t want a boyfriend,” Hannah explains in one episode of Girls. “I just want someone who hangs out with me all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and doesn’t have sex with anyone else.” Enter Kirko Bangz, drank in his cup, to be exactly what Hannah needs — for exactly three minutes and 39 seconds.

Words by Jay Gabler, a co-founder and co-editor of The Tangential.

[Gif via royalflushspade.tumblr.com]