“Who could understand you?” begs dulcet-toned Nicole Yun, in Eternal Summers’ “Wonder”. Well apparently your home-job yarn dolls could; if they were life-sized and did fun things like jacking shit from the local bodega.

Sadly, the lonesome suburban protagonist of “Wonder” soon learns that even your magically-brought-to-life toys will stab you in the back when confronted with the local po-po, in this whimsical twist on the old adage, “You can’t rely on anyone but yourself”.

Turns out the girl dolls are bitchy, the guys are skeezy (turning down unwanted advances from a giant yarn-man wearing scuba goggles and clad in rainbow Saran-wrap = hitting an all-time low), and if Eternal Summers are to be believed, the entire Toy Story franchise was one giant Pixar-orchestrated lie.

Of course some kind-hearted human folk turn up in the end, reminding us all that we’re never alone – a befitting end from the saccharine indie-poppers.

Eternal Summers’ upcoming LP Correct Behaviour is out July 24th on Kanine Records.