Hot Chip are back with another arresting video, this time for the R-Kelly inspired track “Look At Where We Are”, which sees the band team up with Danny Perez to create a surreal vision of what Frankenstein’s monster might look like in today’s image obsessed society.

Director Perez, he of the audio-visual assault that was Animal Collective‘s ODDSAC back in 2010, has come up with a twist on the classic monster story; however, the monster-in-the-making is not a creepy dude with his face stitched together, but a pretty little girl with cotton wool and strawberries for a brain. In line with the original though, things don’t quite go to plan for her and her maker, and his efforts to make the most of exploiting her pretty face and tiny body lead her to a Naomi Campbell-worthy freakout on the set of a trendy shoot.

Combining abstract visuals with the repeated attention the clip lavishes on it’s pretty young ingenue’s face, the idea serves as both a foil and a compliment to the RnB stylings of the song, which mark a strong departure from the techno heavy beats of Hot Chip’s last project, 2010′s One Life Stand. And with a tone that seems to slip between the lines of creepy and tender, the clip perfectly fits the tone of the song, which is both desperate and hopeful at once.