After a 3-year recording hiatus (since 2004’s One Life Stand), Hot Chip are finally back with self-produced record, In Our Heads, and to celebrate they’ve recruited an intergalactic Lara Stone to cruise around with a spaceship and be smoking hot. Great idea dudes!

The Peter Serafinowicz directed video for “Night and Day” traverses the dichotomy between playful and dystopic in much the same way as HC’s music, with a troupe of dancing cult monks (led by none other than Terrence Stamp) unleashing a wave of seriously discombobulating moves that teeter somewhere between ‘dancefloor on fire’ and ‘exorcism gone awry’. It’s hard to say exactly how Lara Stone and Reggie Watts’ spaceship subplot ties in, but you’ll be having too much fun to care, at least until their respective interplanetary vehicles conjoin and go down in flames. It’s okay though, just hit play again and keep dancing.

In Our Heads is out June 11 on Domino.