When asked to describe himself in an interview, producer Alan Wilkis hinted at mild schizophrenia and diverted into third person: ”There’s shamelessly in love Alan, Heart-ripped-up-chewed-up-spit-out Alan, Party-time Alan and Ultimate-egotist/center-of-the-universe Alan.” It seems Wilkis has been doing less of the getting his heart stamped on and more of the shameless canoodling given the saccharine but infectious nature of some of the lyrics which feature on his latest track, Come and Go.

The song is part of Wilkis’s recent PRINTS project, in which he creates the music for a series of tracks with vocals then added independently by the artists with whom he collaborates. Alex Fitts of the Kickdrums lends his vocals to statements such as, “I adore you, in every way,” and, “I love the way things are.” Having recently told Eurotrash Music, “Maybe I’m naive but I haven’t thought for a second I wouldn’t make it,” Fitts’ real-life glass-half-full attitude makes his utterance of the song’s ridiculously peppy lines kind of make you want to sing along rather than punch him in the face for his positivity.

The song’s film clip, directed by David Sosnow and Wilkis and shot using Kogeto—a single point, 360-degree camera, which is one of Sosnow’s creations—is as upbeat and frivolous as the track. Featuring a bevy of fluro-clad buxom babes who cartwheel and sashay to the music against a backdrop of summer time Brooklyn the clip is an ode to fun, for no reason but fun itself. “I could lie here and drift away…”