Falling shy of Wu Tang Clan’s genuine knack for the fiercest beats and lyrics in rap, Kanye West has definitely been stepping on to the music scene with a much harder punch than usual. Perhaps spending some quality time with rap legend Jay-Z during their collaborative album, Watch the Throne, hardened the music style of Kim Kardashian’s newest beau. Lately, West seems to be contrasting his pop-culture image with an underground sound that’s been absent from rap over the last few years but recently reoccurring.

In his most recent music video release, West paired up with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross and made a double-release music video for, “I Wish You Would/ Cold”. With these two Miami-based rappers things could have been interesting, but West predictably partnered with Hype Williams and Kim Kardashian.

Unlike Kardashian, Williams is an icon in pop-culture for his work over the years. He had a huge presence as a director for rap and R&B in the 90’s and recently seems to have his hand in directing videos for some of the biggest musicians, even Jack White. It is not a shocker that someone would want the eye of Hype to produce their music videos. Without fail Hype Williams seems to pair the tone of a song with visuals quite well, but this latest video for West doesn’t add to Hype’s recently interesting video list. From the intense strobe effect and shaking camera, it seems the video was filmed in the middle of a high-magnitude earth-quake. Considering this effect reveals a mastering of video-editing, we give the editor a huge kudos, but it is an effect that is hard to watch without getting a headache.

In an attempt to explain the mundane aesthetic produced by a usually good director, maybe Williams was inspired by West’s usual cocky characteristics. Though a collaborative song and video, West nearly dominates the video. As West struts and shakes around in his usual fancy fashions of exuberantly priced clothes, drop crotch pants and fur, it seems the long walk-way could be a parallel to West on a catwalk. To complete it, West incorporates a quick view of his latest accessory, Kim — so much for high fashion.