There’s no doubt Jake Gyllenhaal would be top of most house party invitee wish-lists. You might think twice about that, however, after watching the latest video from cult electro French band, The Shoes for Time to Dance.

Directed by Daniel Wolfe, Gyllenhaal appears as one seriously disturbed (yet somehow still smokin’) serial killer with a particular penchant for fun-loving youngsters bopping about in hedonistic glory at house parties or clubs. This eight-minute murder marathon starts with the slaying of an unsuspecting young couple with a fencer sword by suit-clad Jake, followed by a string of other cold-blooded killing acts—strangling, stabbing or beating his victim to a bloody pulp with a hammer.

All this violent gore is interspersed with glances at this killer’s brooding solitary life—as he gets a shave at the barber, works out ferociously at the gym, eats dinner alone at takeaway dive joints—before jolting back into pulsating, blurry scenes of the night where he takes on the guise of a drug and nicotine riddled predator.

Despite the sinister undertones, this American Pyscho-esque tale is pretty darn enthralling and sure to be a hit, what with the killer performance (literally) from Gyllenhaal, edgy cinematography and action sequences from Wolfe, and of course some seriously catchy electro-pop dance tunes from The Shoes, an indie band to watch.