I’ll Take Care Of You is the latest offering from the recently released album, ‘We’re New Here’; an astonishing collaborative effort from music legend Gil Scott-Heron and 22-year old-producer Jamie Smith (also known as Jamie xx from London band The xx). The track is a refreshing re-contextualisation of Scott-Heron’s 2010 original full-length, ‘I’m New Here’, and features the dreamy and expansive sounds now distinctive of a Jamie xx re-work.

Like its musical inspirator, I’ll Take Care Of You‘s visual equivalent, directed by AG Rojas and photographer Jamie James Medina, does not disappoint. The highly-anticipated clip definitely rises to equal heights with its narrative of a young mother balancing her dream of boxing with that of parenthood, shot beautifully against a smoggy New York skyline.

The cinematic feel of the video sets the tone for what is overall an impressive re-structured album from Jamie Smith and Gil Scott-Heron. And since there has been no news of a new release from The xx camp, we are enjoying a fresh fix! The album is available now.