Being the queen of quirky and cute is something often attributed to Zooey Deschanel and if Jasmine Ash has anything to prove, then Deschanel better watch her throne. Jasmine Ash, the frontwoman of indie rock quartet Oh Darling, is going solo and in “Starlight,” the first single off of her debut album Beneath The Noise, she shows off her animated colorful persona.

The music video for “Starlight,” directed by Tripp and Jenna Watt, features Ash in an animated world as she is accompanied by her animal friends. The colors are bright and happy as Ash sings about life and love celebrating by dancing around. The song, featured on the latest Ferrero Rocher campaigns, is catchy and cute without being overtly annoying, providing a chance for listeners to join in on chanting about being happy and the wonders of having someone special.