Jason Last is the unofficial pioneer of the fashion film genre, having worked with the likes of heavyweights Rodarte, Comme des Garçons and supermodel Crystal Renn. Without a formal film school education, Last chose to focus his efforts on the emerging medium of fashion film before everyone else caught up, realising this would soon be the ultimate way of sharing your wares with the world.

Just as in traditional cinema, fashion films allow viewers to make a deep emotional connection with a collection or single item with the help of music, lighting and creative storytelling—an appealing premise for designers, directors and viewers alike. Still in its infancy, Last compares the genre to what MTV’s videos were in the 80s; an additional way of branding an artist or label that initially drew doubters and supporters in equal measure.

Showing Crane TV around Soho, Last discusses his inspirations, the future, and what makes a great fashion film. And his key piece of advice?

Run your own race. [Don't] be worried about who else is working against you, or with you, alongside of you… just focus on what you’re doing.”

Image via San Diego Fashion Calendar