The magic of minimalist music videos is that they make one listen to the words without loosing focus. Music videos are meant to tell stories and sometimes make up for the lack of words or storyline in a song. Jens Lekman‘s music is all about narrative, as the Swedish singer shares his love life through his lyrics and is able to tell his stories without having fancy music videos.

The music video for “I Know What Love Isn’t” starts off with a close up of Lekman strumming his guitar against a white wall. As the song progresses and more instruments become involved, the camera pans out, the wall becomes a room and the rest of the band members join in and play along with Lekman. Directed by Marcus Söderlund, who directed a very similar video for Jens Lekman’s “Erica America,” the video for “I Know What Love Isn’t”, like the song, gets a bit more colorful as time passes, but at the end goes back to the simpleness of one person telling a story in a room.