If there’s one name you should know in 2012 it’s Jessie Ware. In a commercial music market filled with cookie cutter pop stars all trying to outdo one another with outrageous costumes, and shock value lyrical content, Ware’s modern, club-ready take on British soul infused with dub beats is a much needed breath of fresh air and step away from the overplayed slow jams from the likes of Adele and Florence and the Machine.

Ware’s latest video for “Night Light,” the fourth single from her stunning debut LP, Devotion is directed by Chris Sweeney, who has created visuals for the likes of Marina and The Diamonds, Sophie Eliis Bextor, Friendly Fires and Foals, and is a gorgeous black and white canvas for visuals influenced by fashion creatives of the 80s and 90s such as Helmut Newton’s erotica and David Fincher’s sleek and iconic music videos for the likes of pop heavyweights Madonna, Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul. With such nuances penetrating every frame, pure unadulterated sexuality oozes out of Ware who has evolved from her more subtle beginnings as the voice of SBTRKT to a fully fledged diva and we can’t get enough of it.

The highly stylised Club 54-esque shoot which incorporates dancers and vogueing hands, also features Ware’s boyfriend and sister and is a sophisticated take on sexuality and the importance that is placed on it in the music industry. With a subtle flick of cats-eye liner and clad in black leather figure hugging pants and chiffon overlays, Ware still leaves something to the imagination, whilst playing up her curves and letting her phenomenal pipes do that talking.