For a song titled “Wildest Moments,” the music video for Jessie Ware‘s latest single is surprisingly simple. The Kate Moross directed music video features the Brixton-based singer performing her song as the camera circles around her. This is not the first time that Ware and Moross have partnered up for a music video, as Moross directed the videos for “Running” and “110%“. However, unlike “110%,” with its graphic styling and fairytale setting, “Wildest Moments” is set in a white room as Ware’s clothing matches the color of the wall.

The music video kicks off with a view of Ware’s silhouette, as she sits in a dark room. The lights slowly turn on and we see Ware in her location for the entire video, which is at the center of the shot. In the song, Ware sings about how, “Maybe in our wildest moments we could be the greatest,” and even through its simpleness this idea is something present in the video, as it does seem a little bit wild to have such minimalism in a music video. However, this is the beauty of “Wildest Moments,” where Ware is basically stripped down to the simplest of colors and ideas and becomes vulnerable as we analyze her from all angles and reflect on her music.