Releasing his debut album When I Was Young in 2006, Berlin based producer K Chico has shied away from the club scene he was initially engulfed in and returned six years later, with a stronger and more thought provoking release, “Burn,” which has married his two loves, music and film.

The suave suit wearing, sunglasses clad creative told Portable how his love and inquisitive appreciation of the two art forms initially came to be;

“When I was young, I found my dad’s guitar right after his death and felt that i found something that belongs to me. Not only this guitar, but everything this instrument stands for. Later DJing and producing came along. It took me almost 10 years to connect the guitar with electronic music. To make music I had to leave my little village. In Berlin I needed something that would pay my bills so I learned how to make videos. After some time both audio and video grew together naturally. I love watching movies and when I write songs it happens in pictures.”

K Chico’s latest video for “Burn” is a humble love song intricately layered with growling, deep vocals, thumping electronica and twanging country guitars with fluid yet erratic morphing visuals drenched in dark undertones and smoky erotica. Inspired by a defining moment of a first date “that in a way stands in for how the entire relationship unfolds,” the musician/director manages to draw the viewer into a mysterious and sexually charged yet removed scene of obsession that wouldn’t seem out of place in David Lynch‘s cult iconic masterpiece Twin Peaks.

“It all starts with a sweet girl and a guy who wants to score. In the end you see a fury of a goddess about to eat that poor guy while he’s falling deeper in love. Everything between is like an extra layer, the erotic, the fun, the fear of loss. He is trying to nail this moment with pictures, and while he’s busy taking pictures he misses the very moment itself. In the end he’ll just be left with a stack of photos which freeze that time, but have no sound or smell, not even color.”

Being both the musician and director, K Chico explained the nature of fusing the two elements together concluding, ”Both contain these analogue tools that i would call ‘real’ or ‘direct.’ The Polaroid is taking the pictures as the guitar is playing the line. The morph effect to me is very similar to the viscous feel of the song.”

Having the ability to undertake the entire creative process has undeniably meant that the video for “Burn” is a true extension of K Chico’s new outlook for his forthcoming material and independence as an artist.

“You have the ability to really do it the way you feel it should be done. Focusing on the things that are important to you and no to someone else. Marcus Witte (photographer) was very inspiring and affected the final outcome a lot. Directing it was easy since we planned it out down to a second, every camera angle… everything. The harder part for me was the acting. Not the acting itself but representing ME in MY video for MY music. Too much ME around. Hello Superbia! Focusing on the story and expressing it felt hard sometimes, but since making music and videos gets easier and cheaper I would encourage every artist to do as much as he can independently. It helps getting the picture that you want.”