Kanye West – POWER from KenyeWestVEVO on YouTube

Kanye West, frequent recipient of the sarcastic, inverted commas style of criticism, released the video for his new single Power a few days ago. Only don’t call it a video, or Kanye gets mad.

Directed by multimedia artist Marco Brambilla (director of Demolition Man), according to K.West it is “not a video … it’s a painting.” Sure, okay. Paintings don’t move outside Harry Potter, but whatevz. The clips runs at under two minutes and depicts the rapper at the centre of an epic tableaux featuring guys with swords and babes with horns. You know, the usual.

The director spoke with Vulture ahead of the video’s premiere, describing it as “an elliptical piece of storytelling” and “hypersensational and exaggerated,” while using the word “iconography” more than anyone ever should. He also describes Kanye as having “a very kind of hyperactive thirst for things,” and says, “As a musician, he expresses himself as an artist.” Cool.

No-one really knows what this upcoming album is going to be called (rumour had it that it would be titled ‘Good Ass Job’, but Kanye said that was no more), but the man vaguely told fans it would be out “sometime in November.”


Let us leave you with one of the best things we’ve ever read (ever) from Pitchfork’s rundown of a live webchat Kanye did last week:

He spent a few minutes holding up one laptop to another, displaying photos that he liked. (“That’s a unicorn. That’s a naked girl walking down the street with wings on.”) Talking about his brand new “Portrait of Power” video, he said, “I always had the dream of recreating the Sistine Chapel, in a way” before clarifying that the “Portrait of Power” video was not the Sistine Chapel recreation he’d been thinking of, and that he might still do that.