(HD) Kanye West – “Power” 10/2 SNL (TheAudioPerv.com) from tapvideos2010 on YouTube

Fellow fans of Saturday Night Live/any NBC shows will feel our frustration when it comes to trying to revisit your favourite television moments on YouTube; Lorne Michaels and the real-life Jack Donaghys at the network seem hellbent against sharing clips from the show online, leaving us anticipating when videos like this will be removed from the site. For now, though, it’s all good.

You might remember us foaming at the collective mouth over Jay-Z’s medley on the show earlier this year, and perhaps you also recall our admittedly snarky post about Kanye West’s Power video back in August. Well Kanye was back at SNL this past weekend (for his fourth appearance as musical guest), and he set to work combining those two things into one of the most memorable performances this SNL fan and not-very-big-Kanye-fan has ever seen.

The performance drew attention instantly for Kanye’s eschewing of the show’s famous Grand Central Sta(ge)tion, instead performing Power in a blindingly white space, filled with a gold chandelier, a raised platform for his highness to descend from and a bevvy of beautiful ballerinas looking like they just jumped out of a Dove commercial. Kanye was decked out in red (leading The Awl to make a pretty apt sartorial comparison) with gold accessories. Including a crown (of course).


He was back later to perform Runaway with Pusha T, a video you can watch here.