Is that 90s riot grrrl stage still a thing? Apparently so, and the amazing Kate Nash has gone for it in her latest video.

A far cry from “Nicest Thing”, Kate Nash has gone from sweet and quirky to 90′s feminist punk and wearing a bindi (yes, a bindi) in her latest song and video, “UNDER-ESTIMATE THE GIRL”. It was written and recorded in less than 24 hours, which has acted as bait to some snarky comments on YouTube such as: ‘we can tell’, ‘is this a joke?’ and ‘lol’ (insightful).

Needless to say the reception has been mixed, with most people not a fan of the basic riffs and Courtney Love-esque screams. The video features a few costume changes and was evidently filmed during that same 24 hours that everything else was done. As Kate posted on her website on Friday:

“So the other night I was stressin out and we’d just finished rehearsing and I was like ARGHGHHGHGH I need to write a song and release something and do something creative instead of breaking all my stuff that I own.”

Kate is currently touring the UK on her Faster Pussycats run run tour, and is set to release a third studio album later this year. It’s yet unbeknown whether the whole album will be in this 90s riot grrrl genre thing, or if it’s just the one song.

What do you think? Kate Nash evolution, or is she trying way too hard?