We don’t describe Kimbra’s debut solo track, “Settle Down“, as “peachy” solely on the fact that she looks delicious in her posh pastel dress and lip stain, but its an adjective representative of the song’s soulful and smooth sound.

Like many of the other songs on her album, Vows, the sensual lyrics in this debut song, “She’s got a fancy car/ She wants to take you far/ From the city lights and deep into the dark,” have been perfectly paired with a voice and rhythm that leaves audiences feeling her fiery passion for her lover.

Though the song is deep and filled with layers of Kimbra’s beatboxing, it follows a minimalist, simple aesthetic, similar to her music video with Gotye, for the chart-topping song, “Somebody That I Used to Know“. Directors of the video, Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor, filmed the four-minute music video in only one take. Repeated images of her performing solo at center stage echo the song’s stacked harmonies that build throughout the song.

Like Lil Wayne, Kimbra knows how to let the beat build. Listeners hear the end of the song at the beginning, but Kimbra doesn’t race to finish the song; instead taking the audience on a steady sprint to the end. Kimbra has mastered this technique in her album and it keeps audiences following her music from beginning to end, rather than pressing skip.

Once again, the U.S. is discovering a musician with raw talent months behind it debuted and topped U.K. charts last August. Though Americans cannot claim the acceptance of this artist before her breakthrough here in May, there’s still opportunity to give her a warm welcome at one of her 30 shows traveling across the States this summer and early fall. New Yorkers must remain patient though;her first performance at Webster Hall isn’t until October 19.