Fresh from the enormous success of her collaboration with Gotye, Kimbra‘s latest single Good Intent, from her forthcoming debut album ‘Vows’, has got itself a shiny new video. Directed by Guy Franklin (who’s built a name for himself working exclusively with the artist on videos for Settle Down and Cameo Lover) , shows Kimbra suffering from a serious case of well-choreographed split-personality.

The video rolls like a noir-style dream, making incredible use of dramatic shadows and impeccably synchronised, Busby Berkley-esque dance sequences. Kimbra—with her sultry negligé, playful eyelid flickers and unbelievably bouncy curls—has got some serious sass and knows just how to use it. Playing both the femme fatale(s) and the heroine, Kimbra brings a touch of 1920s, speakesy class to 2011.

The tune itself is charming, a jazz/pop fusion comprised of cheeky beats and Kimbra’s smoky vocals that you can’t help but adore. Kimbra’s earned a lot of well-deserved hype recently, and with this latest release leaving us floored with the seemingly endless extent of her talents, this national treasure has got us eating out of the palm of her hand.

Kimbra’s debut album ‘Vows’ is slated for release on September 2—more than 14 months since we first fell for her—and that date cannot come soon enough.