“Two Way Street” isn’t one of the four singles coming from Kimbra’s newest album, Vows, but it’s a great listen paired with a visually stimulating music video.

Similar to Kimbra’s colorful appearance with Gotye in “Somebody That I Used to Know”, in “Two Way Street” Kimbra is shadowed by a projection image of a vibrant fireworks show. Her edgy but classic style has undertones of pin-up fashions in the 40s; a bold red lip stain, red nails, dark hair and a pale face in a darling dress. Perhaps it’s an archetypal fashion choice influenced by her classic sound.

The song’s use of digital, synthesized sounds is balanced by her steady, soulful voice. The combination of the two traits creates a perfect match of today’s catchy electronic vibe but maintains enough musical talent that makes it more than what your friends at home can cook up on a laptop.

Basically, “Two Lane Street”, is another Kimbra song that should be added to your summer playlist and played on repeat through the sweaty months to come.