In the immense, multi-tiered pantheon of electronic music, Liverpool analog-synth enthusiasts Ladytron are among the most important and longest-lasting groups in the mix. On the cusp of the release of their retrospective compilation ‘Best of 00-10,‘  the electro-deities have just released a video for their 2010 single, Ace of Hz. Filmmaker Chino Moya is at the directorial helm, with a visual style characterized by sepia tones and creepy American Gothic-esque imagery.

The video is definitely in-sync with Moya’s signature style: the set is replete with dead trees, 1940s-retro garb, and an inexplicable yet foreboding giant egg. Singer Helen Marnie pronounces the “Hz” in the title “hearts,” rather than “hertz;” perhaps because, for the band, “hearts” and “hertz” are one and the same. They’re famous for their loving, borderline-obsessive experimentation with waves and frequencies, all as a means to achieve psychedelic, dance-noise bliss. Laid over taut, straight-forward 8th and 16th-note dance beats, Hz is a hopeful indication that there’s plenty of juice left in one of electropop’s greatest acts.

Ladytron’s compilation disc, ‘Best of 00-10,’ will be released March 29th on Nettwerk.