New York-bred, London-based chanteuse Lana Del Rey aka Elizabeth Grant has released the second single from her ‘debut’ album ‘Born To Die’ as her infamous moniker.  Blue Jeans, in true Del Rey style, is a haunting love song fusing dubby beats with her throaty, sombre vocal tones.

Del Rey and her tattooed Born To Die co-star, model Bradley Soileau engage in yet another intimate tryst in the latest instalment of their on-screen love affair as they bask in rays of sunlight, swimming in an infinity pool.  The black and white film is yet another direction for Del Rey who began her viral attack on the internet with her homemade grainy video for unexpected hit, Video Games.  The first official single, Born To Die, then threw viewers another curve-ball as it portrayed a highly stylised hollywood epic complete with tigers and a burning American flag.  Blue Jeans on the other hand fits into a completely different realm with a distorted lense, as if you are looking through the water, offering a sublime and more intimate look at the reclusive singer’s inspirations.

Seen in a figure-hugging white bathing suit, fashion devotees are sure to be swooning over Del Rey’s look in the video, but it is yet to be decided what is to be said about the music.  Who knows what Lana Del Rey will do next, but the internet is sure to be watching…and judging.