All the deadly sins come back to haunt Eleanor Friedberger in her new clip for Heaven—too much binge drinking and voodoo land her in a very different place.  Lucky she has no problem ironising the afterlife in this utterly catchy tune from her first solo album.

The comic book narrative sees Eleanor arrive at the golden gates, only to be shown a recap of all her sins committed.  While they seem to find the petty theft a bit of a laugh, the witchcraft was definitely a deal-breaker and, with irony to the songs title, she ends up in a gothic Hell.  The video was directed by American comedy writer Scott Jacobson who has directed clips for The National and won four Emmys.

As a part of Chicago indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor and her musical partner and brother Matthew have released nine albums since 2000.  And although the band is still very much together, Eleanor’s solo album ‘Last Summer’—actually recorded last summer—has been highly acclaimed since its release in July.  The nostalgic, wistful songs literally make you go back to ‘last summer’.

She managed to escape the fiery depths of Hell though apparently, and she’s touring the US West Coast this month.