You may not know who The Child Of Lov is, and neither do I, but there’s something to be said for anyone who can keep their identity secret in 2012. Props have to be given to infamous artist who initially gained momentum on the Internet, which has allowed the third wall of social media outlets such as Tumblr and Facebook to act as a shielding barrier from the initial perceptions of the often misguided public.That being said, The Child Of Lov’s music is actually good, and “Heal,” in which he teams up with Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, (also a fan of hiding your identity for creative purposes), could become the next big hit, riding on the coat tails of successful genre fusion artists such as Gnarls Barkley and Outkast. Furthermore, while the secretive Lov may not be visible, his visuals are intriguing, and inspired by his aesthetic which he describes in his bio as “artistically rooted in the southern state of Georgia, USA.”
Directed by Focus Creeps, who have curated visuals for the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Girls, the “Heal” video showcases Lov’s impressive Frank Ocean rivalling falsetto against a soulful Albarn created beat and groovy guitar riffs. Filmed in the artist’s beloved Atlanta, “Heal” is a bright, pop culture delight, that zeroes in on a gang of kids cooler than you or I will probably ever be, and by cooler I mean look at how insanely dope their threads are. Whether they are eating wings at the local diner, wreaking havoc on suburban streets or attending a space age roller disco, they remind us that funk is here to stay.