Shot in the scenic and historical town of Buffalo, New York, Michael Lawrence brings to life Levek’s newest single “Black Mold Grow”. The couple are no strangers to each other, as Lawrence’s handiwork can be seen across Levek’s profile; the Orlando band have been shot by the acclaimed photographer for their upcoming album and press tours.

But this latest project sees Lawrence at his best, showing off his cinematography skills in creating Levek’s latest video clip. The film centers around a female protagonist (Kelly Thomas) who looks to be institutionalized. And naturally, the notion of escape rears its head throughout the clip as you see her pick up and leave the clinic in search of something, somewhere, and even someone.

The film is grim, dark and beautifully melancholic. It builds and explores these ideas till its pinnacle, where the lead arrives at the ocean front; what a calm and alluring view this is. Shot with colours of violet and musk it seems that all our protagonist wanted to do was ultimately surrender to the wide open water.

The scenic shots don’t end here as Lawrence takes us on a journey through the woods and through intimate and detailed closeups of his characters.

Levek’s song is balanced out perfectly with the film as it compliments the track’s sweet and psychedelic pop-ness. The addictive harmonies bleed into a soulful disco swagger reminiscent of the current underground 70s pop that is being re-birthed across the music scene. Fronted by the multi-instrumentalist David Levesque, Levek has been described to enthuse a signature Mickey Mouse tribal sound which can be heard on their debut album Look A Little Closer or seen live at the upcoming the CMJ Music Marathon, happening all next week from October 16-20 in New York City (across the five days and five nights, the music marathon and some of New York’s coolest venues will be hosting talks, parties and live performances. So clear out your calendar and join some of music industry’s finest talents and brightest minds next week at CMJ 2012.)