When Shlohmo remixes a track he not only slows it down and adds a couple of other sounds, he also twists it and makes it completely different. In his remix of LOL Boys‘ “Changes” off of their EP, the title track gets the Shlohmo treatment as the producer strips it down and turns it into a hauntingly beautiful song. Produced by Video Marsh, the music video for the Shlohmo remix with its fuzzy yet rapidly changing imagery is just as bewitching as the song itself.

Video Marsh is no stranger to making a music video for a Shlohmo track; as we previously reported the cinematography duo produced a video for a remix of a song by the electronic music producer. However, unlike the “It Rained The Whole Time” video with its liquid, slow moving images, the music video for “Changes” is focused on two women who seem to be reflecting on their life and relationship as Heart Streets sing, “Things won’t change until we do.”

Throughout most of the black and white video, the two women remain inside and like in a 19th century painting, seem trapped in the interior of their home. It is not until the end of the music video that we see one of the women emerge into the sunlight as she seems to have changed something in her in order to maybe change her relationship.