An understated percussion beat accompanied by muted vocals and faint synth-electronic notes, a song that is melodic and catchy, but also mysterious and lingering. This is how we would best describe Brains, a just-released track from Baltimore’s Lower Dens. They have an album coming out in May titled ‘Nootropics‘ on Ribbon Music. If this song is any indication of what’s to be expected from them, we’ll have enough interesting flavor to keep us occupied for a long while.

The Tristan Patterson-directed video (he’s also well-known for directing Dragonslayer) is an appropriate parallel to the song—it features the band’s frontwoman Jana Hunter moving ever so slightly, perfectly synchronized with the music and all of its changing paces. As she moves, the picture changes. It gets increasingly fuzzy and faded, effects taking place due to the fluctuating tempo. The combination of sound and visuals warm us to an alternate consciousness of specialized awareness. It’s never dull or alienating.