Major Lazer’s new video for “Get Free” featuring dream girl Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors is full of screen grab-able, meme-able moments, as the lyrics appear as text beneath the animated visual in sometimes incongruous combinations. The song itself is gorgeous, with Amber’s fairy light vocal layered in dynamic succession against itself, and Major Lazer’s ever-so-slight electro influence infused with a reggae beat. It’s the song you’re going to listen to at roof top BBQ this summer as the sun goes down, and as if we haven’t romanticized it enough, on long drives by the sea with the windows down.

The track is off Major Lazer’s forthcoming sophomore album, which has yet to be named, but that we now can’t wait for, especially if “Get Free” is anything to go by. Take a second to be transported by “Get Free”‘s video this afternoon. Begin by closing your eyes as Amber’s vocal begins, then when you open them pretend you’re flying through an anime dreamscape, singing words of whimsical nonsense that somehow make complete sense. Feels good, right?