Music videos are glorious, unrestrained beasts. They constantly push the boundaries on film experimentation in order to get noticed. Some experiments are fairly cheap; show a little more skin, insinuate a sexual act and there will be countless stodgy family groups up in arms promoting your video for free. Miike Snow‘s new clip Paddling Out will come at you from a left field not even the left field anticipated.

Some reviews have it that this clip is weird and doesn’t make sense. That is the beauty of a music video; it doesn’t have to. Andreas Nilsson—who has previously worked with Moby, Goldfrapp and MGMT among others—has directed a video which is a wonderfully warped take on the ‘alien abduction’ story. A scruffy man finds magic shoes with gold buckles which cause him to become quite the little dancer. Aliens then appear and drag him back to their ship for plastic surgery; the aliens appear to be tall lanky children in period costume with very interesting ideas about the perfect human.

The film is engaging and cinematic. The story is not simple, but that is the beauty of it because your attention will be captivated entirely. Miike Snow is playing at Coachella 2012 and touring across the US, and the debut album ‘Happy To You’ is out 27 March 2012 on Downtown Records.