According to Noel Gallagher‘s High Flying Birds, everybody’s on the run… and losing their clothes in the process. The latest video released in anticipation of the former Oasis frontman’s new band’s upcoming album in August is titled “Everybody’s On The Run” featuring Mischa Barton.

In over five minutes of gratuitous branding for Converse, Barton, who loses her dress in the door of a taxi driven by Gallagher, along with a man who loses his newly delivered sneakers, run about the streets of L.A. in hopes of recovering their losses. Slow-mo shots of Barton’s breasts bouncing dutifully as she sets out to retrieve her dress juxtaposed by a man chasing the robber of his shoes add literal context to Gallagher’s epic tune, which serendipitously ends with Barton and the man colliding into one another, joyfully discovering that they were sporting the same leopard-print skivvies.

Whether or not this video will resuscitate the careers of two English sex symbols from over a decade ago, “Everybody’s On The Run”, despite all it’s seriousness, has a certain sappiness which will undoubtedly lead to mixed reviews.