January  saw the release of Danish folk-pop duo Murder‘s album ‘Gospel of Man’, and now the pair have teamed up with Copenhagan music video company Good Boy! Creative for a visual accompaniment to their lyrical track No Room For Mistakes.

It’s refreshing to see a video void of lip-syncing, as Murder’s barefooted band members Jacob Bellens and Anders Mathiasen find themselves instead concerned with an out of body experience in this existential clip. The piece works superbly as a film on its own, with the subtitled dialogue offering a strong literary narrative uncommon in the majority of today’s music videos.

Director William Stahl and Screenwriter Michael Vogt are the masterminds behind Good Boy! Creative’s clever concepts, while the sharp cinematic style can be attributed to their director of photography Thomas A. Good Boy! Creative  pride themselves on offering profound themes with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour, and this lightheartedly philosophical clip provides just that. Good boys!