Coquet Coquette from of Montreal on YouTube

We talked earlier in the year about of Montreal’s new release False Priest and now we finally have our first real taste of what’s to come. The band have released the video for the first single off the record, Coquet Coquette in a flurry of cavemannish glory. In what culminates as one of our favourite moments from a music video in memory, we see frontman Kevin Barnes as a kind of witch doctor healing the native people of the mythical island after they get attacked by the cavemen who have just jumped off boats in an attempt to colonise the land. Complicated, yes. Wonderful, of course.

The video is directed by Jason Miller (he also makes of Montreal’s live videos) and the track is produced by Jon Brion (who fans will recognise from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MInd soundtrack and who has produced albums from Kanye West to Fiona Apple). False Priest can be pre-ordered online and is due for release September 14.