Origami is the art of construction with paper, and is often attributed as being an imitation of reality, not reality itself. In “Watercolor Sky,” the latest music video from Netherlands-based composer Julien Mier, origami becomes nature, and nature becomes origami. The video, directed by Stuart Langfield, features a hiker in what seems like a surreal journey as he is accompanied by paper animals.

Julien Mier’s “Watercolor Sky,” is a blend of different instruments brought together to create what sounds like a tribal inspired track. The video, with its inclusion of nature, also seems to go back to the nomad days, in which humans roamed the world in order to not only survey their territory, but also find out more about themselves.

The use of the origami that comes to life seems almost alien, this is further emphasized when at the end of the video a huge paper squid turns our trekker into a origami being full of colors and magic.